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2007 Acura RDX A/C doesn't work when it's 90F but works when it's cooler

I have a 2007 Acura RDX with about 135,000 miles.For the first time ever my A/C did not work, it also happened to be the first time it hit 90F by me. When it was not working the clutch did not seem to be engaging, but I didn’t think to listen for the field coil engaging when I turned the A/C on. I tried swapping out the compressor relay with another one, but it still did not work. The next morning the ambient air temp cooled down to about 60F, and the A/C worked fine. I could hear the field coil engaging when I turned the A/C on, and I could see the clutch spinning. When the ambient hit 90F the A/C no longer worked. I’m aware that there is a service bulletin for the Clutch and Field Coil. Before I purchase these parts and attempt to install them, does anyone have any input if there could be another issue?

Before you replace those parts, bring the vehicle to a shop and have them check for a faulty AC pressure sensor with a scanner.

The AC pressure sensor prevents the compressor from operating if the pressure is too low or too high.

When the AC system isn’t operating it rests at a static pressure. This static pressure can change depending on the ambient temperature.

So when the ambient temperature increases, the static pressure of the AC system increases.

So if the pressure sensor is wonky where it thinks the pressure is too high to operate the AC system when it gets hot, the compressor won’t operate.


I am having the same problem and had the A/C clutch replaced, but it didn’t fix the problem. I’d like to just go ahead and replace the A/C pressure sensor myslef, since the part is inexpensive (about $30) and easily accessible. My question is, on this car, do you need to drain the freon before removing and replacing the sensor, or can it be simply unscrewed and replaced with the system full and pressurized? Thanks.

System must be depressurized (Freon captured), then replace sensor (if that is the problem), then vacuum the system, then recharge the Freon. A/C work is much better handled by the pros. Find an A/C specialist, doesn’t have to be a dealer.