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2006 Volvo XC90 - Killed by car wash?

i took the car to a touches car wash with underbody rinse. on the way out the engine started to cough and stalled, will not start. when i try to restart it, it will rumble a little and go dead. Any ideas?

Yes, have it towed to a good local independent mechanic who can diagnose the problem first hand. Good Luck

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I agree with @Mustangman, and I think it is likely a coincidence. I get my Accord washed at a conveyor type car wash, and the engine runs throughout the cycle. I never have problems with the engine running.

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Nor have I, but we don’t know the overall condition of this vehicle, such as…
Is it possible that one or more of the splash guards underneath the engine compartment are damaged or missing?


Check for water on the engine.

Where is the car right now? If at home you might leave the hood up for a while and use a hair dryer on all of the ignition system components.

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I think a carwash would kill my '87 Toyota pickup with surprise. You probably splashed some water on something that doesn’t work wet. Park it with the hood open for a few days. If you’re desperate use a hair dryer. Detach the battery.