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2006 Volvo S60 - Wheel fell off

My Volvo S60 had a rotation about 2 month ago and had been driving for about 2000 miles. Last night when I was driving at high way, I heard some noise and the car trembled, then a wheel fell off, and part of the fin were off as well. The rotation store did not ask me to retorque the lug nuts after 50 or 100miles. Would it be the store’s fault for this? What if they refuse it to be their fault? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

After 2000 miles I don’t think you have a claim . If they did not tighten the lugs you would had a problem sooner . You can ask but don’t expect much.

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I’d guess you will probably have to accept their resolution or refusal to help, which ever is the case, after you speak politely to the manager/principal about this problem.

It’s basically your word against their word. They could claim that the lugs were tight when you left and that somebody else loosened them during a 2,000 mile period. You would claim that nobody touched them.

If they offer no help then I suppose you could file a claim against them in Small Claims court, for a small fee, and let a referee decide which party is responsible. Sometimes, a person or business will then decide it’s advantageous to settle with you and avoid the time loss and bad publicity involved in attending court.

Without knowing the actual extent of your damages it’s hard to say if you’d be wise to file a claim with your own insurance company, provided of course that you have the proper insurance coverage.

What were the actual damages and what is
"part of the fin" ?

Have you repaired the vehicle or received an estimate for repairs?

I think that means ’ fender ’ and I suspect a non US based poster.

I’ve never had a tire shop ask me to come in for a lug nut re-tightening myself. Are they supposed to ask you to do that? After any tire work I have done on either of my vehicles the first thing I do is drive the car to my driveway where I loosen all the lug nuts then re-tighten them in proper sequence and 3-rounds with a torque wrench. I never had any problems with a wheel after doing that. One time I had lug nuts come loose on my Corolla, but that was b/c I forgot to tighten them properly after I had to remove the wheel to fix something.

Ask the shop to take a look-see. They may determine there was a faulty procedure along the way that caused this. If so very likely they’ll fix it gratis. That’s about the best you can do in this situation. Best of luck.

Every time I’ve had my tires rotated, the invoice always say to re-torque the lug nuts after 50 miles. Even if it didn’t say that, it’s something I do anyway. You can’t totally rule out that someone didn’t tamper with the wheel though.

Thank you for the suggestion! They kept me waiting and said that they were waiting for the manager to come. And today they said that their district manager says they did nothing wrong( the manager did not come and they did not call me, I went to the shop again). And they said I can wait until next Monday or Tuesday for their claim department to come as a third party to check the case. Can I have a third party check and file a report as well? Also, there are abrasive traces of the lug nuts on the wheel. The wheel holes are deformed by the lug nuts being loose and rattling with a high speed in the high way. Even though they agree that the lug nuts are loose, they still say it’s been 2000 miles and it’s not their fault since they followed the right procedure to fasten it. What should I do?

Yes it’s the fender, a typo, sorry.

Personally, I doubt the shop followed the correct procedure

it’s possible the mechanic snugged up the lug nuts, but neglected to torque them properly

This often happens when the mechanic gets interrupted before he has a chance to finish his task(s)

Oh George!

Thanks for the story, made me to feel better about me doing the same to calm down my paranoia :slight_smile:
The difference is: I would jack up one wheel at a time to make sure wheel has no load.
I’m doing it after I had a noticeable vibration after getting tires “professionally” rotated.

I would think you have no standing to blame the shop after 2000 miles, so bite the bullet, fix it up and drive on. You did not get into the accident and any metal damage is a small trouble to compare to the health of you and your family.

Let me share one “life hack” I use: every time you fill your gas tank, use this stop as an opportunity to “kick the tires” - literally make one kick to the top part of the tire - you will notice if any of them is loose, one older cars it would also detect badly underinflated tires

Costco’s tire invoices always state that the customer should return after 50 miles in order to have the lug nuts re-torqued. Instead, I do it myself, but the bottom line is that… somebody… be it the tire shop or the consumer… needs to check the torqueing of the lug nuts after 50-100 miles of driving.