2006 Trailblazer tail lights

Left rear tail light is out… right rear fine, all other rear lights fine. Is there a dedicated fuse for the left rear tail light? Bulbs are fine and voltage checked. Zero at the left tail light.

Just start following that zero voltage back until you hit voltage. The last segment has an open and needs repair or replacement.

There is a dedicated fuse for the left side rear lights. But if the brake and turn signal work on the left side it’s not the fuse. Instead the problem might be with the left tail lamp circuit board.


I found a second fuse box under the rear seat. I couldn’t believe how many fuses were in that vehicle. Between that box and the one under the hood, there must be a dedicated fuse for every light bulb on that vehicle, including the glove box. So I changed the one marked “left rear parking light” and all was good once again. I never would have dreamed that the vehicle wiring needed to be that well secured from hazard. Thanks