2006 Trailblazer Check Engine Codes

Our 6 cyl trailblazer has the check engine light on with these three codes: P0411, P2431 and P2433. Is this something critical, and is it something we can fix ourselves? If a shop would have to repair, estimated cost?

Thanks in advance! BS

Some people just can’t be helped. I hope no one else ends up wasting their time on this. I should have known better after the first time…

Hey wait, I just read your last post and it was GREAT. My husband should be able to fix it with everything you wrote. Please…You didn’t waste your time, I really really really appreciate your effort. With $$$$ so tight for all of us, we cannot afford to take it to the dealer…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. bs

If you’re serious about doing this work yourself, check out this thread- http://forums.trailvoy.com/showthread.php?t=45668&highlight=p0410

It describes the diagnostic procedures and even has some pictures of the check valve to help understand what you’re looking for.

Although that thread is related to P0410, it has all the info you need to diagnose and replace the check valve. There are other threads related to this issue, just sign up and use the search feature. It’s a great resource for information on your truck.