2006 Toyota Tundra cruise control went out after jump start

I have a 2006 Toyota Tundra regular cab. After getting a jump start from a hot box, my cruise control went out. All my fuses seem fine. What else can I check to correct this?

How dead was the battery that it required a jump?


Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?

the ignition just clicked, engine didn’t even turn over.
The door had been left open and it drained the battery.
It’s an old battery, Toyota brand so I think it’s original.

Vehicle has 66,000 on it.
This “jump" happened last year, and I’m still using the same battery, but replacing it soon before chilly weather sets in.

Everything else works, only the cruise control is out.

Why would you think that a 12 year old battery is still “okay”?

other than that one incident, it’s started the vehicle flawlessly.
Like I said, I’m replacing it.

Probably fried the brains, $1200 should cover it.

I expect either there’s a hidden fuse you aren’t aware of, or the cruise control module has been damaged by the jump start. You could measure the battery voltage I suppose. It should be about 12.6 volts before first start of the day, then immediately after starting in the 13.5-15.5 range.

Check for any diagnostic codes too of course.

Suggest to avoid the jump start thing in the future. Modern cars sophisticated electronics just don’t take to that from the reports here

Common failures are the spiral cable (clock spring) and the brake light switch, probably nothing to do with the dead battery.

If the battery label shows “Toyota” in large print it is a replacement battery. Factory batteries have the manufacture name (Johnson Controls) and “Distributed by Toyota Corporation” in small print.

Sounds ghoulish.

Thanks, will take your advice and look into your suggestions.