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2006 Toyota Sienna ATF Level Check

Quick question, do I check the ATF level with the van in drive or park after the engine is warmed up? The Owner’s Manual makes no mention of the ATF dipstick or checking the fluid level.

Ed B.

The normal way to check it is with the engine warmed up, car sitting level, and idling in Park. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it off, reinsert and the check the new reading> It should be between the two marks on the dipstick. Color should be clear.

I’m surprised there si nothing in the manual about it. My Toyota has clear instructions.

Not sure you easily can. I’d be very surprised there’s a dipstick for the tranny. Those are sealed units.

Docnick and Mike, thanks. I’m guessing 2006 was a transition year for the ATF dipstick for Toyotas. Anyway I’m glad to have one.

My 05 4Runner didn’t have a tranny dipstick.

Toyota has a nasty habit of NOT mentioning the transmission dipstick in their manuals. yet you pop the hood, and there it is.

As far as the term “sealed unit” . . . I personally can’t stand it. It’s right up there with “lifetime” fluid. :skull: