2006 Toyota Sequoia water leaking

My 2006 Toyota Sequoia SR5 started leaking water excessively we replaced the radiator and the water pump it is still leaking but now from a different area My husband thinks it has something to do with needing to replace the rear water bypass joint and that it’s not something he can do himself I am looking for suggestions on what else it could be to get an idea before I take it to a shop.

Where is the water puddle in the morning after driving it the previous day? That can help you determine the general area of the leak. At 17 years old all the water hoses are suspect too.


Rent a pressure tester from a parts store. That should show you.

It’s not just a puddle when it is running and stationary it is like pouring out the bottom underneath the driver side

And then what do I do with it sorry I am totally out of my element here beyond changing brakes changing tires and oil changes that’s all I got lol

I thought your husband had changed those parts and would know how to do a pressure test . Did he? If not, you need to find a good independent shop and have them diagnose and fix it.

How much coolant are you having to add? You don’t want to lose a lot while driving, overheating coul damage the engine.

Put it up on jack stands, crawl under it while the engine is running, and see if you can pinpoint the leak. If you are taking it in for repairs this is more educational. The shop will determine where the leak is and request authorization for the repair. You can ask questions then. If they recommend replacing parts that aren’t on the driver’s side, they need to explain why they need replacement.

Have your husband get an inspection mirror.

This will allow him to view behind the engine.

A frost plug on the back of the head might even be leaking.



That should make it easier to find.

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this could be your problem…

2006 Tundra 4.7 V8 coolant leak - YouTube

Good video but you can skip the ad for another sealant paint product. Leaking o ring under the manifold and two holes that allow water out between the engine and trans.

Good idea, but be sure to wear some sort of face-screen or at least good eye protection.

The water pouring out hopefully will make it easy to see where the leak is coming from. How to fix a leak? There’s many different methods, not possible to explain a how-to for a general purpose leak-fix.

I had a leak on my Corolla, small puddle on floor the next AM, but could never see where it was leaking. In fact could never get it to leak while I was looking. Eventually decided to just replace the water pump b/c leak was in that area and water pump had 200 k miles on it anyway. Once I had everything removed to access the pump, then I spotted where it was leaking. O-ring seal broken, in between pump and engine block.

One interesting side-note about parts stores: I noticed replacement pump came with only one o-ring, but two are required according to shop manual, one for the block side of the pump, and the other for the coolant return side of the pump. Parts store insisted only one o-ring needed based on their computer. But they sold me another matching o-ring anyway, just so I’d go away. Sure enough, to replace the pump I needed both o-rings.

See the video above though.