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2006 Toyota Prius clicking noise

My 2006 Prius has a little over 200,000 miles on it. It has had a mild rattle noise for a long time but just yesterday it has turned into a clicking noise. It happens when the engine kicks in or acceleration. I just put some fuel cleaner in it in hopes that maybe there is deposites that need to be cleared. Does anyone know what the sound is? Is it terminal?

Sorry, but we can hear your noises out here on the internet. I’d suggest you get the car into a mechanic and let them diagnose it. It could be as simple as a loose heat shield. Good Luck!

Yep, its going to have to be diagnosed. I’m sure its not a heat shield. My hybrid is no longer hybrid and its drinking up lots on gas at this point. I’ve seen video’s on the internet with the same issue but none of them have an explanation for whats going on. If I can figure out whats happening I’ll come back and post it for the next unfortunate person. I love my old Prius, hate to think I’ll have to chuck it if the problems to expensive. Thanks anyway.

Well, Kathryn, you did get 200K and 13 years out of the car. That’s pretty darn good!

Given all the other issues, it may be worth the $150 to $200 diagnostic fee to have the Toyota dealer diagnose all the problems this very complicated car may have and give you an estimate of must-have-done and suggest-have-done work. If this wasn’t a Prius, I’d suggest going to an independent shop but this is a very complicated car.