2006 Toyota Estima missing oil

I have Toyota Estima 2006 ACR50 - 2AZ-FE Engine 2.4L

I have problem with missing oil, every 1000 - 1500 km, need to add 1 quart, There are any solution on that, i need the explanation/description what should i do.

Your choice:

  1. Keep adding oil as needed
  2. Rebuild or replace the engine

I’d suggest 1) since the car is 12 years old.

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Some Toyota engines like the 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE found in the Toyota Corolla are notorious for burning oil internally. If the oil burning is minimal: keep adding oil.
If the oil burning is severe: replace the stucked piston rings

First of all: congrats on knowing that! Many drivers just drive til an issue appears. It seems like you are on top of checking your oil periodically. This is a good thing!

Second: 1 quart in 1000-1500 miles is not that bad, especially on a 12 year old car. Have you checked for external leaks? perhaps small puddles under the car when parked overnight?

if this were my car, i’d stay on top of checking the oil and just add as necessary.

Try a can of Restore at your next oil change. It may or may not help, but will not cost a lot to try.

he said 1000 - 1500 km, which is 600-900 miles. That is a lot of oil.

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Another potion worth a try is Marvel Mystery Oil in the gasoline. Some say it can free stuck piston rings. I used it regularly when my Chevy Cavalier developed a bit of preignition knock. After a while that cleared up. Close to 180,000 when I had the head off, the guys at the machine shop were impressed with how clean and free of deposits the valves were.

But the most important thing is to keep the oil level from falling low!

I stand corrected. :slight_smile:
Good catch @BillRussell

IMHO Eddo gave you excellent advice.
And I too congratulate you on being aware of how your engine is performing. If more people were proactive, fewer would have blown engines.

Good advice above. If you are feeling lucky, there’s some chance it is just leaky valve stem seals. Do you see a puff of black/blue smoke come out the tailpipe when you first start the engine after it has been sitting for an hour or longer? If so, ask you shop to assess the seals. It’s possible to replace them on many engine designs without having to remove the head. I had to have them replaced on my late 70’s VW Rabbit b/c of excessive oil consumption, about one quart in 500 miles as I recall. Stopped the excessive oil loss pronto.

The 2AZ-FE engine has some known issues, in regards to oil consumption

The only “correct” solution is updated pistons and rings, and I don’t see that happening

So keep adding oil

I COULD a post a document, but it’s 29 pages . . .

He’s doing better than I with my 2A-ZE. I go through a quart every 500 miles like clock work. It has 187,000 miles on it.