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2006 Toyota Corolla Squeaky Noise Passenger Side Front Wheel

Hello all,

I drive a 2006 Toyota Corolla, and I’ve noticed e a squeaky noise coming from my passenger side front wheel. The noise only occurs when I am accelerating the car and driving between 20-40 mph. As I accelerate, the squeaks increase in frequency. They disappear when I brake.

A mechanic replaced the front brake pads two years ago (15,000 miles ago) and also shaved the rotors. About a year later, the squeaks began. I brought the car into a different mechanic at that time (because I moved) and asked them to take a look. They checked the brakes and said they looked good. They attributed the noise to metallic brakes as opposed to ceramic and said the noise would go away in time. The noise has persisted, however, and is becoming more intense.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong? Could this be a CV joint or wheel bearing issue? A rotor issue?

Thanks for your input!

my first though wouldve been the screecher thingy on the brakes but if its not that i might look to see if somethings rubbing like if theres a sheild over the back of the rotor sometimes they get dented in. my next guess would be wheel bearing. probably not the cv shaft unless the boot is split open