2006 Toyota Corolla No Start

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE with 173,000 miles. Was running perfectly. I have kept up and replaced most components that keep the car running. Has new spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel pump, evaporation canister, timing chain tensioner (replaced about two years ago), and much more.

I went around a roundabout and hit the gas to go straight and the car sputters and stalls. Initially it is throwing a P0340 error code. The car starts up a few times and runs really rough, but won’t stay running. I have it towed home. I replaced the camshaft position sensor and the car still won’t start at all now. It is now throwing P0335 error code. It cranks and doesn’t attempt to start at all.

I haven’t removed the valve cover yet to check the timing chain, but I suspect that is the cause of the issue. I have a new camshaft position sensor on order to try, but the fact that it went from the two different error codes makes me suspect the timing chain issue.

Battery is good. Checked voltage and charged it. Alternator is new. Any other easy checks I am missing?

DTC P0335 points to a problem with the CRANKshaft position sensor circuit.



I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and it solved the problem. Wouldn’t even turn attempt to start. Replaced the sensor and it fired right up and ran perfect again.


FYI, it’s sometimes possible to use a flashlight & look into the hole where you pour the engine oil to tell straight-away if the camshaft is turning or not. Best way is to ask a helper to slowly rotate the engine using a ratchet/socket on the crankshaft pulley while you look into the hole.