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2006 Toyota Corolla - How many miles

How many miles can u get out toyota Corolla? i. use semi synthetic Pennzoil. 5w 30 oil…or can I use full synthetic oil ? Thanks.

That’s nearly impossible to say. A lot of that is determined by whether you take care of preventative maintenance or not. Also highway miles are easier on a car than stop & go miles. Driving slower and gently will also your car stay in good shape. Luck is also a determining factor, you can do everything right and still get T-boned by a moron on a cellphone running a red light.

If your owners manual requires synthetic you can use full synthetic. If it doesn’t specify synthetic, you can use dino oil, semi, or full synthetic.

How many miles can one expect a Toyota Corolla to last ? ( There I fixed it for you )

I will get back to you as soon as my Crystal Ball is recharged.

Nice to see you use a quality oil, but engine failure is not the only way in which an old car can “die.” 200K miles is a pretty decent long-term life for any good used car. Some Toyota owners (Prus in particular) go well past 300K.

That depends on how well it was maintained since 2006. If this car is new to you, it depends on the other owners. To get past 200,000 miles, you will likely have to replace suspension and brake components. Not for lack of reliability, but because moving parts wear out. Also, rubber parts age and lose flexibility. They need to be replaced too.

I use Mobil 1 full synthetic in my Corolla even though the car requires non- synthetic 5W30. I made the switch because the 1ZZFE engine in the 8th generation Corolla (1998-2002) are known for premature oil burning issues.My engine is not burning oil at 220 k miles. The 2006 Corolla engine have no oil burning issues and if you keep up with maintenance,your car will last you a long time.

I see no reason to ever use semi-synthetic. Use regular oil or synthetic if you think it will help.

semi-synthetic is poorly defined. It could have one drop of synthetic per gallon of regular and be labeled semi-synthetic.