2006 Toyota Corolla Fuel Tank Spills When Filling



I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla and every time I fill up with gas the tank overflows at the first click-off - Dealership says there’s no problem, but this was a brand new car and this shouldn’t happen! I’m not overfilling. Any ideas?


Call your regional Toyota representative. You SHOULD stop pumping when the pump automatically cuts off. Warranty doesn’t cover over filling and damaging the evaporative recovery system (usually just called the EVAP SYSTEM). It is VERY expensive to repair.


Well it is a problem. It may be a manufacturing defect like a kinked hose. If the dealer says it is normal, ask them to show you on another car that they all do that. This could be a safety hazard and you have a right to have it fixed.

However If you have been tipping off the tank when filling it, then it is now your problem. You should not top off the tank when filling and you should stop the first time it clicks off.

If you read your manual (or on a sticker somewhere on the car) you will find that it tells you not to top off the tank.

You may not have been doing it, but a lot of people do. If you have not been doing it please don’t take offence.