2006 toyota corolla 162000 miles - service

What should I have done as far as maintenance at 162000 miles?

It will depend on what maintenance has been done in the past. At that age and mileage you should have replaced the timing belt, if not that would be on the top of my list. You should have all the fluids checked and replaced as needed. Is this a car you recently bought or have owned for awhile? Can you post what maintenence has been done in the past?

It has a timing chain. As stated by @SteveC76, follow the MTC schedule.

Good catch knfenimore, thought I saw it as a 96, time to buy some glasses.

Lovingly go over it and like everybody sez,replace or renew all the vital fluids,filters and sparkplugs check exhaust system and check for rust(arent modern cars marvelous?,some yahoo rearended my Daughters 08 Civic at close to 100 mph and you can still drive the thing,looks like heck but still drivable@130K miles) treat er’ right and you can get this many more miles out of it