2006 Toyota Camry - Noise and a smell

I own a 2006 Toyota Camry - 4 cylinder. Recently my car makes weird sound like a low blower, upon crank up and acceleration. This began the afternoon of 6/5/2019. That evening, when I left work, I noticed that there was a weird electrical smell, as well. this morning upon leaving for work, the sound was louder, and it felt like it may have taken a few more seconds to turn over. I went to the local publix and thought I could smell the electrical smell, again, but was not really sure due to them spraying tarmacadam and asphalt sealant. However, upon my arrival to work, I could smell the electrical smell, and it was more potent.

Drive time from home to store was appx 5-7 mins.

Drive time from store to work appx 20-25 mins.

Drive time from work to home appx 15 minutes.

really need some help with this one, if possible.

Thank you,

T. D. Harrison

It does not matter how far you drive . You need to have this looked at before a possible fire because if you are here asking for help then you may not be able to make this repair yourself.


The noise and odor is from your failing alternator. It may no longer be charging the battery, the engine will fail to start soon or stall when driving and fail to start.