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2006 Torrent Cycling Revs at Stop

Hi guys,

I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and I have been having a couple issues. Whenever I come to a stop it seems to cycle from low revs(about 500) to high(1,000) every couple seconds. I have also noticed that when I start it; it starts at really low RPM, but after a second or two goes up to warm-up RPM. The occasional time it will not start and I will have to press the gas in order to get a start. The car is sitting at about 110,000km and I just bought it about 4 months ago so I am not sure if the spark plugs and general 100,000 km maintenance has been done. Was thinking it might be a spark issue, but wondering if this sounds like more of a MAF issue.

Any input on this would be great!

Thanks guys!

Your Torrent has an electronic throttle body.,2006,torrent,3.4l+v6,1431997,fuel+&+air,throttle+body,6472

The electronic throttle body controls the engines idle speed under all conditions.

That’s the area to focus on.


I’d start by cleaning the throttle body.
Then check that the coolant temp and intake air temp sensors are reading correctly.
Then check that the thermostat is working properly.

Awesome! Thanks for the replies guys. Cleaning the throttle body seems like the logical first step. Coolant temps seem fine though and the car isn’t throwing any codes, so I would imagine the air temp is fine as well.

Will pick up some cleaner and see if that will do the trick, if it’s the MAF sensor, the cleaning could also rule that out as well.

Thanks guys!

the torrent has the gm 3400 v6 and they are known for intake manifold leaks which usually results in coolant burning though it could result in a vacuum leak. your coolant level is good and your oil level looks good?

Oil levels look good. I have noticed that the coolant is a tad lower than when I bought it though.

Looks like it might be exactly what your talking about. Just checked coolant levels and it looks like it’s down about an inch since I bought it.

Will have to look into it and see if it’s something I can do myself or not. Heard it can be quite the chore and the injectors tend to break.