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2006 Suzuki Swift GL Brakes


I have a second hand Suzuki Swift GL 2006 for two months now. When I got the car after a few weeks I noticed the brake pedal was sinking to the floor and got the master cylinder replaced it was fine for a couple of weeks but it started happening again. Bled the brakes and was fine again for a while but after another week or two it happened again were the brakes were bled again with the same effect. I brought the car to a different mechanic and he said there was water in the brake fluid so he completely changed it and the pedal is still a bit soft but he said it could take a little time for the new fluid to go through the ABS. The brakes have always been perfect and stopped the car well, I just noticed the creeping pedal while I kept my foot on the brake at a stop sign or in traffic for example. Also if I have my foot on the brakes and stopped in neutral the idle revs decrease and return to normal when I come off the pedal. I don’t think there are any problems with the booster but what do you think of this slight rev drop when I am on the brake? I am at a loss with it and not too worried as the brakes are perfect other than that I would just like to figure it out. Could it be a faulty ABS pump?

Thank You

If this car went 14 years without a brake fluid flush there’s likely problems in other brake parts.
Everything that old, contaminated fluid touches is suspect.
Brake fluid could have leaked from the old master into the booster, causing damage.
The rubber hoses at the wheels might have gone soft, making the pedal feel soft.


I had a friend with a company supplied K -car, I think it was a Plymouth Reliant. The brakes constantly needed adjusting and it was driving him crazy because he had to use his own car when it was in the shop. The car had had 3 brake jobs in 3 years. I told him to come over on Sat. for a cookout and I would look at his rear brakes,

The drivers side looked ok, when I pulled the right drum, the shoes looked barely worn and I noticed the star adjuster had an L on th end, just like the other side. That meant that every time he backed up and stepped on the brakes, the right side was un-adjusting itself.

I never thought about that but it would make sense hence having to press the pedal more but I don’t think the handbrake is affect so thst may not be the issue. Thank you though!