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2006 Subaru Legacy - For whom the belt tolls

My 2006 Subaru has 290K, coming up on its 3rd timing belt being due- What do you think about saving the $ and just running it until something gives out whatever that may be? It is fine in every way and has never left me sit. I have been over diligent in my service history.

That is your call. It might break at an extremely inconvenient time and/or place. Yours is an interference engine which means the engine will likely be destroyed when the belt breaks.
If you like the car consider the cost of replacing the belt versus the cost of a new car.


I say donate it now. 290K on a Suby is a gift from Dog.

Still running fine and reliable at 290K? That’s easy. Replace the belt. I"m seeing $80 for the part plus a little over 2 hours labor. The invoice – especially if you have this done by a well recommended inde shop — isn’t likely to be overly expensive. Your Subie can provide reliable transport for a college student or income challenged family at some point, something good you may be able to provide.

If you have the turbo engine option the belt replacement fee is a little higher, but not much.

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Did you hear about the insomniac, dyslexic agnostic? He stayed up all night pondering the existence of dog.

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And his conclusion was …?

When was the last time the belt kit was replaced?

The problem with ignoring the belt is that it may give up at any time and in a very inconvenient place; say as you’re crossing tracks with a train coming or in front of a semi that is tailgating you. There’s also the lesser issue of having to walk at a bad time or place.

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What’s your cost to replace it? This can vary quite a bit by car, so we need to know.

Can you buy a new, reliable car for the cost of a timing belt replacement?

If you do go on without replacing the belt, and the engine torpedoes, the car will be worth probably nothing given the mileage. You’re also creating needless uncertainty in your life wondering when/if the timing belt will break today. And it will go at the worst possible time.

I think it would be foolish to not replace the timing belt if you still plan to use/keep the car.

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You are at liberty to do as you please to your mechanical conveyances… However I will ask you this.

What was the point of diligently keeping the vehicle in good working order if your last move was to deliberately hamstring it’s reliability that it has faithfully provided you?

Just a thought…

Granted I’m not the “normal” vehicle owner… A T belt job costs me about $250 or less and a couple hours tops… so perhaps expense rears its ugly head yet again if you are at the mercy of a shop. I dunno.

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