2006 Subaru Legacy - Did a puddle hurt my Subie?

I drove through a medium-sized puddle on a dirt road today. Afterwards, I drove another 30 minutes and then stopped. When I tried to start the car again, nothing happened - I couldn’t get the car to turn over. Anyone have any idea how much I damaged my car, and if it might start magically tomorrow after it has a chance to dry out? thanks

First, make sure the battery connections are tight. Could just be that they loosened up a bit from driving on the dirt road.

If the puddle had done lasting damage, you’d have known it before 30 minutes was up - more like about 3 seconds after you went through the puddle.

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Shift the transmission into neutral and then try staring the engine.

I the engine starts, the park/neutral safety switch may gotten wet, causing the problem.