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Subaru catalytic converter

Have replaced converter for third time in some 7 months. Car has some 112,000 miles. Chk engine light code shows bad converter in all instances. Could there be some other reason for this code?

The code is wrong or is being read wrong…have you read the codes yourself?

[i] Chk engine light code shows bad converter in all instances. [/i] 

No, the check engine light comes on and gives a code. The code will be in the format of “P1234” Tell us what that code is. There is no code that says replace the converter. There are several codes that involve things with the converter some may end up meaning replace the converter, but others may end up being a fuel injection problem or lots of other things.

Give us that number. Also it would help a lot if you could tell us what year and model Subaru you have, along with any other problems that could remotely be related.

This is a 2001 Subaru Forester with some 112,000 miles. I do not know the ‘codes’ as the two different mechanic/shops that have diagnosed the problem to date have taken the readings.

Go to a place like Advance Auto or Auto Zone; they will read the codes free. Jot them down and then post back. Without the exact codes, diagnosis is difficult over the internet. See the format above. Problem with the codes are that they are not a be-end all. They point a diagnostician in the right direction, but don’t provide an exact answer as to the real problem; more as indicating which system is out of whack and needs attention.

I went to Auto Zone right after the problem first occurred over a year ago and a local repair chain, Dobbs (St. Louis, Mo area) recommended a replacement along with two oxygen sensors,one in front and another behind the converter.
At present without the Check Engine light on, would there be any error codes in memory if at the last replacement (last week), the tech cleared them from memory. I appreciate all the suggestions that have been forwarded