2006 Sentra - Rattling noise in Drive and Reverse mode only

Hello folks,

2006 Nissan Sentra with 105K miles on it. Today was 70F in NY and immediately I noticed rattling noise. I am certainly not too sure if it started today but today was the first time I lowered the windows in months and I noticed the rattling noise.

This rattling is noticed only in Drive and Reverse mode. As soon as I put the car in Park mode, it goes away. I do not hear rattling when I go over the bumps. I have uploaded the video. I have increased the volume by 20db so that it is easy to listen to.

It feels like the sound is coming below the sitting area of the car.

I am going to the mechanic next week but can anyone tell me what this is so that I can be as specific as possible over the phone?

Many thanks in advance.

Most likely, this is a case of a broken or bent heat shield on the exhaust system, which can be annoying, but is ultimately nothing more than an annoyance.

Or, this could be an indicator of bad motor mounts and/transmission mounts. Only a qualified mechanic can determine the actual cause after putting the car up on a lift.

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Thank you. I will have a word with the mechanic next week.