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2006 Scion xB - Cracked head?

Wonder if this cracked head is my problem. Anti-freeze disappearing; had 2 water pumps 2 temp sensors done still problem continues.

Cracked head, cracked block, or more likely a bad head gasket. A mechanic can check for leaks.

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Are you saying you know the vehicle has a cracked head? Then yeah, that could definitely be the cause of the vanishing coolant. If a crack is known, who advised you to replace the water pump and temp sensors twice, and why did they not tell you that the crack needed to be addressed?

I do not know. They 2 shops don’t know. They are now saying it might be head gasket. I am trying to diagnose via other

people similar troubles. I have those 3 lights so someone wrote it was the VVT-i

In that case, what @Mustangman said - more likely a bad head gasket.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cracked or a bad gasket, the work to find out root cause is the same = remove head. You’ll want to rule out all other causes as best you can before removing the head. There are a myriad of ways it can leak coolant so it really doesn’t matter what happened to someone else. Just start diagnosing, ruling out the easier stuff first…

First step is to pressure test the system and make sure that it’s not losing coolant due to a leak and maybe not related to an overflow bottle issue.

Replacing the water pump twice and temp sensor twice leads me to think there was guessing going on.
For what it’s worth anyway, as a long time mechanic I can say that I’ve only seen one cracked head in my life and that was due to some very severe overheating with the owner continuing to operate the car in that condition.

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Agree with the low odd’s of a cracked head out of all the car;s & truck’s I have owned (to many to count) I have only had one cracked head…