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Water pump and radiator

After smoke began billowing out of my 1995 Toyota CamryLE hood I discovered a cracked radiator, replaced it and while refilling the coolant discovered a leak near the water pump. All of the coolant that I put in drained out again. Would the radiator crack due to a bad water pump without me realizing there was something wrong with the water pump first? I am mainly concerned that the leak could be coming from somewhere besides the water pump (although it appears to be in that area) and that there might be other damages to my engine. Thanks.

The water pump may have been seeping and the loss of coolant caused the engine to overheat and damage the radiator. Of course the overheating may have also caused the head/gasket to fail first, which would greatly increase the probability of radiator bursting.

Thank you. Do you think I will have to replace the head/ gasket, water pump and timing belt and do you have any idea what this could cost me?

I think you need to get the engine tested for a failing head gasket. Some of the McParts stores have a chemical tester on their loaner program. It uses a liquid that changes color if exhaust is in the cooling system. If there is no indication of a failing head/gasket you are in luck and a water pump and timing belt should get you going. If the test is bad you will need it all. Prices vary greatly from region to region.

But first;

Check the oil for a milky appearance. Check the oil fill cap for a yellowish sludge. Check the radiator overflow for an oil sludge. Check the exhaust for the sweet smell of antifreeze. All that is quick and free. If anything is questionable post back.

Thank you again so much! I checked the oil and no milky appearance and no yellowish sludge on the fill cap but there was a brownish sludge on the roof of the hood above the radiator where it cracked as if it exploded out of the radiator and some of the same looking goop was also on one of the fans. It seemed to be slightly oily. Any ideas of what this would indicate?

A blown head/gasket can fail in any of several locations and result in one or more symptoms. If the coolant that burst out of the radiator was slimy or pasty or looked like melted ice cream(BROWNISH SLUDGE!!!) it is very likely that the head must be removed and inspected for damage, possibly straightened or welded, and the gaskets, timing belt, water pump, thermostat and a few other ancillary parts replaced. If the oil is brite, i.e. glistening and not milky, the bottom end may be undamaged. If it is a 4 cylinder the price in my neck of the woods would be from $750 to ???. Once the head is off more damage could be found. The car may not be worth the cost of such a repair.