2006 Saturn Ion

Ok here goes-

We own a 2006 Saturn Ion. Almost every morning, when we turn key to start the car the lights in the dash come on, everything seems to be fine all except for the car actually coming on. There’s a low humming sound while the key is turned but then it’s gone. We have to wait exactly 10 minutes (we’ve timed it) and when we turn the key again the car starts.

Our, current, mechanic thinks it might be the starter but since they need to recreate the problem in their shop so their computer can tell them what to do they won’t touch it- which is one of the most annoying parts of this because if we can start it and get it to the shop then we don’t necessarily need their help. Hope someone has some ideas, thanks.

The “hum” could be a starting solenoid not getting enough voltage, or the starter not getting enough voltage. Check your battery, is it still the original? The attempts to start the car can “warm” a battery up enough so the voltage is sufficient to crank the starter. If it is a tired battery the motor would have to start quickly as it won’t have enough power to crank the motor very long.

You also could have some corrosion on the battery cables. Cleaning the terminals at the battery is a good place to start. It is harder but worth it to check and clean the terminals at the opposite end of the battery cables where they connect to the car’s ground, and motor.

Wow, I should have come here way before I left my car at the mechanics for a week (yes a week). Thank you very much for your help I will definitely have the cables checked out.

I have a 2005 Ion and the same thing has happened to me. Another person posted something similar. It also takes about 10 minutes from the time it won’t turn over to actually start. Same thing, the lights come on, the radio, the car won’t start. Mechanic did not see anything wrong, they were unable to recreate it. For me it has not happened in a while. Glad to know that I am not the only one!

Also, I had AAA come the first time it happened because I thought my battery died but they said it was charged.