2006 Pontiac Vibe brakes

We are having trouble with the brakes.Local mechanic found nothing wrong. Dealership replaced front & rear sway bars. They also said brakes looked good. We still have a problem when pushing down slowly on brakes–there is a feeling of slippage before the car stops. This doesn’t happen when braking hard.

I suspect that they were focused on satisfying a noise complaint, I don’t see how stabilizer bar (bushings and links) affect the brakes.

So if you press harder on the brake pedal it stops fine? I wonder if anyone else driving your car would notice this.

Sounds like brakes are functioning normally. Gentle pressure=gentle braking.
But, how long have you had this car? Is this a NEW braking sensation or what you have experienced ever since you have owned it?

We bought this car new in 2006. The situation is probably a few years old. The car hadn’t been driven a lot in the past five years because it was my husband’s and he was ill. He never mentioned the problem when he was driving and I didn’t notice it when I drove it off and on… My daughter started driving it occasionally 2 or 3 years ago and noticed the brake problem. I also noticed it then when I was checking to see what she was talking about. To answer your question. I definitely think it is a new sensation.

Thanks for the reply

Marie Carbone

You need to go for a second and third opinion.The mechanic has to inspect all brake components by physically removing them.


Thank you for the information. I’ll have to check with my mechanic again and pass this info on to him…


Hi Marie, the slippage you describe may be a result of a degradation of your brake’s hydraulic system. Specifically, If the seals in the master cylinder have begun to fail then this may be the result.

I would recommend replacing the master cylinder then flushing and bleeding the brake lines at all 4 corners.

I hope this helps.

+1 to above.
Too late now, but a brake fluid flush every 3 years would have prevented this master cylinder degradation.

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