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2006 Pontiac Torrent

I have windshield changed about 3 weeks ago. Today there was snow on my car and in about an hour of driving water start to come through the lights above my head, by the front mirror and the car stopped. There were check engine light, the engine picture with arrow pointing down and some other light with T/C letters, on.

Car doesn’t have a power on lower RPM. Once it got to higher RPMs was going better.

I went to the dealer, and he said that my sun roof had bben pushed little down and it couse the leak. Also, he said, that a sensor that give info to gas pedal is not working and it has nothing to do with the water leak, that it was just coincidence that it happened at the same time. We had lots of snow this winter and there was no leak in the car before the windshield was changed. And I do not belive that sesor being faulty have nothing to do with water leak, they do not want to admit that the front winshield was installed incorectly and cause the car stop.

What do you think?