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2006 Pontiac G6 - Should I fix this?

I believe my car slipped/blew a timing chain. it is a pontiac g6. is it worthwile to try and fix it or should i just plan to purchase a new car?

After you actually find out what is wrong and the repair estimate then you can make that decision. I am not sure how anyone can make that choice for you without knowing the condition of the vehicle .

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That is a good point and it wouldnt let me add the extra info for it. It also has 192k miles on it. and im just asking for a basic thought as to what people think because i heard it is an interference engine and those seem to have a lot of issues.

192K on a 13 year old G6 - or any car for that matter - time to walk away if the edtimate is more than, say $500. Every other major system has the same mileage and is not long for this world.

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Thats what i was truly thinking but the nice thing is it is paid off, but obviously fix one issue and walk right into another one.

It looks like this one isn’t known for quality overall. It might be time to move it on down the road on the back of a flatbed.

What make you think it jumped timing?