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2006 MINI Cooper needs to be “readapted”?

I’m looking at purchasing a used Mini Cooper. For price range I’m looking at probably 2005-07. One of the vehicles is an 06 automatic and owner said he did transmission flush and now it wants to shift to high gear and it needs to be “re-adapted” so what does this mean? Is it a cause of concern not to buy? What would costs be to repair or any other issues? Thanks

Transmission control modules adapt to the condition of the transmission clutches and the driving style of the driver. If the TCM didn’t “adapt” on the way home from the service there is a transmission problem, set aside $5,000 for the repair.

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I’d say this is a red flag. Look at other cars.

In addition, we all generally recommend a pre-purchase inspection by your mechanic before buying a used car. A little money up front might keep you from ending up with a car that needs expensive repairs.

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Agreed. Known transmission problem on the front end? Keep on looking.

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If it was a simple fix, the owner would have done it. Move on to the next one.