2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Free engine

well there was a manufacturers defect in the engine and should be replaced for free C230

That’s great, I’m surprised M-B is replacing your engine for free on a 13 YO car.

You’re being sarcastic, I hope . . .

Because you and I read the same thing, and I see it this way . . . op is upset and wishing for something that will not come to pass


What was the defect, OP?

Somewhat sarcastic, seems the one problem with some of the MB sixes was premature wear of the balance shaft gear.

I don’t know exactly which Benz six-cylinder you’re talking about . . .

But pretty much ALL of the six-cylinder gasoline engines that Benz had in 2006 had severe mechanical problems

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Any details or just this vague statement?

M272, as a result of a class action settlement MB extended the warranty to 10years/125000 miles.
The other problem that seemed common was a plastic bushing on the intake that could break off and be drawn into the engine.

Well, I’ll say a few things . . .

I left the dealership about 10 years ago . . . for a job with better and stable pay, better benefits, and they actually respect their employees

That class action settlement you mentioned didn’t exist when I left

And we don’t know exactly what problem op’s engine developed . . . there were several common problems, and some of them haven’t been mentioned yet

But it shouldn’t matter, anyways, as op’s car is 13 years old, and thus no longer qualifies for that class action lawsuit . . . unless my math skills are worse than I thought