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2006 Mazda Tribute timing belt change

Is it hard to change the timing belt on a Mazda Tribute?

For a pro or a very savvy amateur, not so hard But there are many steps and potential obstacles. Some special tools may be necessary, or some improvisation. I did it on my 1999 Honda Civic a few months ago. It took several hours over two days and I needed some tools that came to over $100.

The first time I paid a few hundred to have it done but I was pleased to have done it myself when I had the time and patience for it.

I’d add: read through the process in a Haynes or Chilton manual. Watch some youtube how-to videos (but beware of incorrect or dangerous misinformation.)

If you are blind or have no hands…yeah, this might be a tough job.

Seriously, though… we have no idea what “hard” means to you. What experience do you have with fixing cars?

Personally, while I might be able to replace a timing belt… I value my personal time, and also like things that affect my engine’s functioning properly to be done by a professional. Your results may vary.

Good luck.

If you need to ask this question, then the answer is yes. It is a skilled and complex job, and errors can have bad consequences.