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2006 Magnum A/C Odor

When I turn the A/C on for the first time everything is o.k. Say I drive to the store, park in the sun, come out 20 minutes later, start the car, turn on the A/C, and for the first minute or so the air blowing out smells rank. What gives? Thanks everybody.

Probably mold growth in the evaporator coil enclosure. Before the A/C is used, all is dry. When using the A/C, it pulls moisture out of the air that collects on the coils, drips down, and out through a vent. Once those spores have moisture to feed on, the give off gas as they feast. That gas is the stink. There are deodorizers available to help knock out the stench, but a can of Lysol can also help. Turn the fan on high with the A/C on, and spray into the cowl vent area under the windshield near the passenger side. The fan will suck in the spray, and the spray should kill the spores as it blows through.

The first thing to have checked is the condensation drain tube for the AC for blockage. If the water produced from the AC can’t drain out, you basically grow a swamp in the vent system.

Then once the drain is cleared, most professionals use this.



You’ll also want to replace the cabin air filter, if your car has one.

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