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2006 Lincoln Mark Lt (pickup)

2006 Linclon Mark Lt Pickup. Have had this pickup in to two garages now and mechanic’s can’t find the problem. This started about a month ago. I will drive my pickup somewhere (grocery store) park it, turn it off, come back, get in, turn the key, it won’t start. This happens most of the time. Can’t depend on it to start so I don’t drive it. It’s now at the local Ford Garage, they can’t figure it out. The last Garage I took it to put in all new Coil’s, Blah Blah Blah, $1,500.00 later, still no workie. Has anyone out there had this same problem? Or have a hunch on what’s going on??

Before anyone can even hazard a guess, you are going to have to clarify a few details, including…“it won’t start”.

When you turn the ignition key–does the starter turn the engine over, but the engine fails to run on its own power?
Does the starter fail to turn the engine over when you turn the ignition key?

In other words–what happens when you turn the ignition key?

Since the coils were replaced, this sounds like your mechanics determined that this was an ignition problem, rather than a fuel delivery problem. Has a fuel delivery problem (such as a bad fuel pressure regulator or a leaking fuel injector) been ruled out?

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
If so, what trouble code was found?

It tries to start but won’t run on it’s own power. Pressure regulator , leaking fule injector not yet been ruled out. Yes, “Check Engine Light” lit up, No, I do not have a trouble code.

Trouble codes would be very helpful. This would give us somewhere to begin. If you don’t have a code reader Auto Zone will check the codes for you for free.

Correction: Auto Zone will check the codes for you for free AS LONG AS YOU LIVE SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN CALIFORNIA! CA doesn’t allow Auto Zone to perform this service.