2006 Kia Spectra

I recently purchased a 2006 Kia Spectra with 42,00o miles on it. My husband took it into the dealership for its 50,000 mile warranty check. The mechanic informed him the transmission fluid was not changed at 30,000 miles like it was suppose, and it would cost us $185 to do so. I asked if the transmission fluid was checked during the “10 point check” they preform on all their used cars before they sell them, they told me that it wasn’t marked on the work order as being checked. When I questioned this, they changed their story and told me that it was checked and it looked fine. I asked if it was documented and they said no. They then argued that they did not have the car at 30,000 miles and they would not have known if it was changed then or not. So I argued that if this was suppose to be part of the “10 point” check, and they had no documentation that it was done by the previous owner, then they should have changed it before they sold us the car, and since they did not, they should do it now at no cost to us. They obviously don’t feel the same. What do you think?

Ask them how do they know for a fact that it wasn’t changed at the 30k mile mark, if they don’t have any documentation, and didn’t do it themselves.

oh, and take your car somewhere else to have the transmission serviced.
And get a new dealership. Yours are a bunch of dishonest crooks, by the sounds of it.