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2006 Kia Rio - CEL keeps coming on


engine lights keeps coming on reads rich

You’ll have to diagnose it

Could be lots of things, such as high fuel pressure

It would be wise to pay money for a proper diagnosis, instead of guessing and throwing parts at it. Unless your first guess is cheap and accurate, it could get expensive real fast, and the problem still isn’t fixed

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what is the code for the CE light?

what are the symptoms? is the engine working ok?

Take your car to the nearest parts store, Advance, AutoZone etc, they will frequently read the codes for free. Post the code once you get it, it will be something like P1234. Once we have that we can give you more information. Also tell us more about the car, how many miles on it, maintenance history, anything to give us a better picture of what is going on.

Is it running ok otherwise? Or a bit jerky, hesitations? Misfires can cause rich conditions.