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2006 Jeep Wrangler transmission

I have a 2006 wrangler (34,000miles) I purchased in Jan this year. About three days ago my automatic transmission started knocking (clunking) into 1st and 2nd gear. This only happens when I first start up once or twice and then it has no trouble. I replaced both the rear and front differential fluids (which were dirty) and topped off the trans fluid (which is normal color/odor). I plan on taking it to a transmission shop tomorrow but wanted to get some suggestions first.

Scan it first for codes. Automatics will harsh shift if the computer picks up a problem in the transmission or in an engine component which controls transmission function. What happens is if the computer picks up a problem it will max out the transmissions line pressure to protect the transmission from self destruction. High line pressure equals firmer shifts. Take it to a local auto parts store, they will usually scan the computer for free. Write down the code/s and their description/s and we can go from there.


I went to a transmission shop this morning. They scanned the engine and codes came up for the high and low temp sensors. He explained to me that my transmission was running at a higher temp then my engine. His fix was to install a longer cooling system (mine is apparently short and not designed for the Florida heat) for the transmission. I didn’t get the exact codes but I can call him back.

Interesting. I would have thought the opposite. The condition was relieved when the trans was warm and only apparent during cold operation. I would have thought that some pressure/temp compensator was max’d out and that it couldn’t manage the visc difference of the colder fluid …to provide the “velvety smooth shifts” that consumers allegedly DEMANDED from manufacturers.

Anyone here ever protest in front of the design engineering centers where the guru’s determined what to give us? I missed the bus on that one.