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2006 Jeep Lights on Dash Flash and Gauges Drop to Zero

I have a 2006 Jeep Commander. Periodically, and quite inconsistently, all the lights on the dash board flash on and off while simultaneously all the gauges drop to zero and the air stops blowing out from the vents. My car will continue to drive and all lights work along with the radio. This has happened while driving at 75 mph on the highway and my car will continue on as if nothing has happened. I know this isn’t good, but completely baffled by it all. I have taken it to a Jeep dealer and they only saw there was a weak reading from my battery, but the battery isn’t even two years old so I have yet to replace it. Can anyone offer some insights on the matter?

I’m including a video I took while stopped at a light so you will see the RPM’s drop down, but since I wasn’t moving the MPH remains at zero.

Air stops blowing from the vents, but does the fan itself turn off? That may sound stupid but the fan might run but the blend doors close. It does kinda sound like a ground issue but it could be the data link (CAN) getting interrupted.

OK, just watched video, don’t think its the ground. Looking like the CAN, not a good sign.

I did some research with help from a coworker and this is a common issue in the 2006 Commander and apparently it is the ignition switch that causes the issue. It’s been reported once that gets replaced the problem subsides…keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks for your reply,

The problem could very well be with the ignition switch Kristi. That would be one of my first suspects for this kind of problem. The trouble could also be due to a bad connection to power before the ignition switch. Checking the power in the panel under the hood would be good to do. Most things in that panel are tied to power at all times. If moving the key back and forth while the trouble is happening makes a change in the symptoms then that would pretty much prove the switch is at fault. I wouldn’t change the switch until it has been proven that it is causing the trouble. By checking the voltage at the input of the switch with the trouble happening that would tell the story. If the input to the switch remains steady and the switched side fluctuates then the switch is certainly bad. All the things you show having a problem are powered through that switch. Good job on the video BTW.

Usually if it is the ignition switch, you will feel a momentary loss of power as the engine cuts out, but if your ignition switch has an IG1 and an IG2 contact, then it is possible that only one of those contacts is causing the problem.