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2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Head Gasket and Coolant Leak

First Post.
I have a head gasket leak and a coolant leak on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was wondering if I could use the head gasket sealer and a coolant sealer together? Or if I should use them separately? And if apart from each other, how far apart, hours? days? weeks? miles driven? Which one should I use first?

Thanks in advance!

I suggest a proper repair

Replace the leaking head gasket

Use a straightedge to determine if the head needs to be machined . . . if the head gasket is merely leaking and not blown, it may be within specs


I’d say neither one before you clog your heater core and every small coolant passage in your engine with that junk. Get the head gasket replaced instead.

Thanks for your replies. I used the wrong word, the gasket is in fact blown not just leaking. I had planned on doing a coolant system flush as well since the shop told me it has sludge in it. Getting it fixed at this moment is not in the deck of options.

There is no miracle in a bottle that will cure a blown head gasket.

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