Bar leak

has anyone out there tried bar leak head gasket fix and do it work. got a old egg beater that puffing white smoke.1998 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter inline 6

With any of those stop-leak products, they should be considered a last resort. Use them if you aren’t willing to sink money into the car for a real repair and the car isn’t valuable enough to bother selling.

If you’re at that stage, sure, try it. It will either work and give you bonus time with the engine, or it won’t and you’ll have to junk it and buy another.

If I used a product like that, I’d be furiously squirreling money away toward the inevitable day when I needed to replace the car, which could happen at any time.

+1 to @"shadowfax "

You can use a product like this,

It may or may not work and if it does it only buys time, it is not a permanent repair.

It can’t be too hard to replace the head gasket on an OHV straight six.

My vote is with oldtimer 11 to replace the head gasket. A stop leak product may stop a coolant leak that is external but for any combustion chamber breaches between cylinder and coolant passage it’s a lost cause.

Coolant entering the combustion chamber is also corrosive and it’s going to create a lot more problems if allowed to continue.

Inline head gasket should be simple to replace. Fix it for real.

Got a feeling the problems go a little farther then a leaky headgasket . Try the stop leak or the variety that had copper in it .

That “4.0 liter inline 6” Is Reputed To Be A Good Mill. As Others Have Pointed Out I’d Remove The Head, Check It Out, And Replace The Head Gasket If Warranted Or Get Rid Of The Jeep.