2006 Jeep Commander - is it okay to run on 7 cyl?

My Jeep has no compression on #8 cylinder. It runs very well until 65mph and then it struggles, but still manages to recover, except for steep hills when it chugs. Mechanic said he put a camera into cylinder and detected traces of metal shavings and told me to replace the engine. That was a year ago and I’m still driving short distances and cannot afford an engine as I am on SS and age 80. Do I have anything to worry about. Engine is clean as can be.

As long as you don’t mind driving a 7 cylinder engine, go right ahead. I’d guess there is more wrong with this engine besides #8 since you should have more power than what you describe.

At some point the #8 may decide to spontaneously destruct itself and lock the engine up solid. At that point you may just have it towed away rather than install a new engine.

look at the up-side.

You can tell everyone that you have a 7 cylinder and during winter #8 keeps running to keep the engine warm. No more cold car on those 15 degree days in January.


Sure you can.

If you don’t mind destroying the catalytic converter(s)?


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Would it help to disconnect the fuel injector for that cylinder?

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The OP didn’t state if that was done.

So, one must assume that it wasn’t.


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It has been my experience that a Mopar Next Generation Controler will shut off the injector if a misfire is detected.

That makes it easy. I guess ideally you’d like to remove all the intake and exhaust valves for that cylinder. Since the engine seems to have been run this way for a considerable time, worrying about the cat seems pretty low on the list of priorities at this point.

If I were going to drive a car with a dead cylinder, I’d probably remove the spark plug and disconnect fuel injector, unless as suggested above, that second step may be unnecessary.

Doing so would provide a clear path for the intake manifold to draw air from the exhaust manifold.

lol … ok, I see why that’s no good. Except if you need a lot of egr :wink: