2006 Impala doesn't like water

I have a 2006 3.4 liter Chevrolet Impala with 60,000 miles. While driving, if I go through some water with my right front tire it sounds like water is possibly getting into the engine compartment. When this happens the engine starts to make a humming noise and looses about 50% of it’s power. If you step on the gas the humming gets louder. The humming and loss of power last for about 10 seconds and then stops. I have taken it to a mechanic and they have verified that all of the splash shields are there and there are no error codes when hooked up to the computer. Any suggestions?

I would not be surprised if it is the spark plug wires. They likely have 60,000 miles and at that mileage are likely to be sensitive to moisture. Might want to replace the plugs while you are there.

Note: I am not going to say the above is the problem, but it is not a bad thing to do anyway. If my car had plugs, I would have replaced them by 50,000 miles or sooner.

I think that water may being splashed on the serpentine belt. The belt them slips which may be causing the noise you hear. The alternator isn’t producing power which may make it seem as though you are losing engine power. The belt is on the right side of the engine which makes it a suspect. I would replace the belt.