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2006 Impala Screaming After Warming Up And Getting Hot

My car just started screaming when it gets to the halfway point and heating up kinda sounds like a failed motor or possibly the propeller for water pump, if someone can help me verify if its the water pump cuz i basically already had to replace the thermostat which fixed the problem originally, you think its also the water pumps time? also started when the weather became below zero. If not any suggestions and ill check it all myself and fix the issue. Im thinking either pump or fans.

Many possible sources of the noise, fan motor(s), tensioner pulley, water pump, serpentine belt slipping for starters. Isolate the source of the noise first.


And be sure to check the freezing point of the coolant.


That was my first thought also after reading

That could be a bad water pump bearing.

Remove the serpentine belt from the water pump, and turn the pulley by had.

If the bearing is bad, you’ll feel it.

If it is the bearing, don’t wait to repair it.



Thanks fam when it warms up ima fix it just too cold for me to go fw it rn but im Waiting on taxes anyway