2006 Hyundai Tucson - Trembles

About a couple of weeks ago my 2006 Tucson started to tremble sometimes when I drove it. It only has 1004000 miles on it. The trembling was pretty bad today & the engine light came on and stayed on. I checked all the fluids under the hood. No problems there. I always kept up my Maintenace on time. I never had any problems like this before. Has anyone had this particular issue with the 2006?

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1004000 has to be a record for a Tucson . 62000 miles a year is a lot of driving.


I missed the zero on the trend. Al Bundy had a million on his Duster!

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ii there a check engine light on?
it might be time for new spark plugs. usually changed at 100k miles

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The engine has a misfire, likely caused by a failing ignition coil or spark plug.