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2006 Hyundai Elantra Cruise Control won't set

I have a 4 cylinder manual transimission that the cruise control won’t set. The light will come on it just won’t set. I don’t see any vacuum hoses and can’t find any blown fuses. All the lights brakes, parking, and flashers seem to be working fine. Don’t know what might be wrong. Please help.

First, I must ask you if the speedometer and tachometer are working properly. The CC won’t operate if these instruments malfunction in any way.

Next, a possible culprit might be the brake switch. Even if the brake lights work normally, its circuitry for the cruise control can be faulty. One thing you can try is to disconnect the switch and see if the CC operates. (Note: this is probably illegal and also a bit unsafe. Use good judgement.)

Speedometer and tachometer appear to be working fine. Where is the brake switch located and what does it look like.

You’ll find it in the cabin behind the brake pedal. There should be short wires from it to an electrical connector. Separate the two halves of the connector and give it a test. Reminder: you will not have brake lights during your test runs. Use caution.

One other switch you should check is the clutch pedal position switch. There will be two switches. One will be for the starter enable and appears to be on the pedal down location. The one you want to check appears to be in the pedal up position. The schematic I have access to does not indicate if this switch is normally open or normally closed i.e. the connection is made or broken when the pedal starts down.

Hope this helps.