2006 Hyundai Accent - Two timing belts - in ONE DAY

What could cause my timing belt to snap two time in one day

you probably have other problems its a interference engine. all of the engines used in the hyundai 's are interference engine’s, that does not mean for sure you have bent valves but the chances are you do. did you change the tensioner too?

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Replacing a timing belt does not sound like a 1 day DIY job or something a shop can do on same day basis. I suspect that this was actually a serpentine belt .

I say this because I had a person call his serpentine belt a timing belt.


Agree there is a lot of people who don’t know and use the right termnology when describing car problems.

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How do you get a belt to break twice?
I had a serpentine belt break once, it fell off.

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Yea ot was 100% rhe timing bely had to take off the motor mounts and go inside the motor to change it out it was timed corectly but i think the tensioner is getting old

Why was the tensioner not replaced when the timing belt was? That, plus every pulley it touches, plus the water pump (if your car’s water pump is t-belt driven) should be replaced whether they’re bad or not.

If you did this yourself, you just learned why you don’t cheap out on a t-belt kit. If you had a shop do it, you just learned why you need a new mechanic.


You need to provide some information.
Who did this work? You?
Was the engine in operation on the road when the first belt broke?
This engine should be interference fit; meaning if the belt breaks cylinder head damage will occur due to bent valves.

The second belt could have broken (theorizing due to lack of info) because of a faulty tensioner, etc or because the belt was not timed correctly. This means when the engine is cranked over the remaining (if any) valves that were not bent during the first belt failure could cause the second belt to snap when they make contact with the pistons.

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I bought a car that lasted 1 week after timing belt job. It would not turn over 360 deg by hand. I’m not a gorilla. I never tried to crank it with starter. Am sure previous owner did. I retimed the belt and it cranked fine. But no compression.

Could be the same problem. The normal failure mode is the belt wears out , frays, and breaks, but this takes a lot of miles. For it to break on the same day it was installed, something must be preventing the crankshaft from moving the timing belt around its pathway. Camshaft frozen, belt tensioner or pulley frozen, something is jamming the path, etc.

I assume the first belt failed while the car was running, for unknown reasons–maybe it was worn out, or the tensioner or idler was bad. Then, the second belt failed because something is binding up. This is an interference engine, so unless you are planning to take the engine apart and have the head reconditioned, I would not put further effort into it.