2006 Honda Civic Door gasket


I have a 2006 Civic 4-door with just under 40K miles. It had its 30,000 checkup in the last 6 months, during which they checked and lubricated the door seals. All okay.

Now, the front driver’s side door body-mounted door seal/gasket is crumbling. One of the service techs said he’s seen a lot of that recently and thought it should be covered by Honda, even though I’m just out of warranty. The service manager disagrees and thinks I destroyed it with my backside getting in and out of the car.

Why was it fine 10,000 miles ago and now is crumbling? My butt hasn’t changed in the last 10,000 miles (unfortunately). It had no problems with my butt for the first 2 years of its life and now is falling apart?

Any thoughts?


The gasket may have been rubbed over the entire life but it just happens that failed now. Or it may simply be a poorly designed or constructed part.

Write a kind but stern letter to Honda of America and see if anything happens. They obviously have no obligation to you but never hurts ask and them to goodwill the repair to keep you coming back for more.