2006 Honda Accord EX faulty gas cap car goes into limp mode

Has anyone ever experienced the 2006 Honda accord EAX going into limp mode because of a faulty gas cap? I have a literally bought 10 gas caps for this car both official Honda gas Caps and other off brand gas caps. Eventually after a few months my car has a check engine light go on and goes into limp mode. It has done this repeatedly. My husband has a Honda accord EX 2008 model and it never does this. Is there anyway to fix this besides pulling over and removing the gas cap and putting it back on again or buying a new gas cap? I have literally spent over $200 on gas caps.

The solution is to pay a reputable shop to properly diagnose and repair the car

I can’t think of a scenario in which the fuel filler cap could cause the engine to go into limp mode


No. It literally goes into limp mode and acceleration doesn’t return to normal unless I pull over and unscrew the gas cap and screw it back on and turn it 3 times. I’ve bought new gas caps and it’s good for awhile and does it again—especially on a hot day.

I think it’s a defect that’s unique to this make & model. Limp mode is supposed to be a safety feature but it’s dangerous if you’re on a road that has high speeds and it suddenly loses power and starts lurching. I maintain my car and change oil regularly.

What code are you getting when the check-engine light goes on?

No code. Just the check engine light goes on, it goes into limp mode and unscrewing the gas cap and putting it back on resolves the problem. I’ve literally replaced the gas cap 10 times. The dealer said I need to have an “official Honda” gas cap. I’ve purchased them multiple times and after a few months it happens again. The car loses power and I can’t accelerate quickly. If I’m at freeway speed the car’s check engine light goes on and the car starts lurching because limp mode fights with the freeway speed.

The act of switching off the engine and restarting takes the engine out of limp mode, blessing the fuel cap in a red herring. You could remove the fuel cap and toss it into the trunk and the car would run normal. The PCM needs to see two good trips to erase an evaporative emissions system fault.

There are many faults that require two consecutive trips to set an active fault, if not it is only a pending fault and it will go away shortly.

The next time the check engine light is illuminated stop at an auto parts store to check the faults before switching off the ignition.

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Switching the engine off doesn’t solve the problem. Removing the gas cap and putting it back on does. If I Restart the engine without removing and putting the gas cap on it would remain in limp mode

The PCM doesn’t know that you touched the fuel cap, the next evapoative emissions system test doesn’t occur until you switch the engine off/on. Even with that it take two good trips to verify the system for leaks and erase the fault.

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There’s some good advice here already. To convince you to at least go to a parts store and retrieve codes try this. Look to see if your husbands car requires the same gas cap. If it does, swap gas caps with him. If your car does this thing again, you will then be convinced that there’s more than the gas cap going on.