2006 Grand Prix GXP need help with trouble shooting

Engine service light comes on. I need help trouble shooting. When mechanics see a woman coming I get gouged. I need help with figuring this out. Recent mechanic did about $4k in repairs and the light is still on. Please help this ol broad out to save money.

Is this the check engine light or service engine soon light? Service engine soon is usually an indicator for an oil change. Check engine is for some other issue. Head on over to Advance Auto, AutoZone etc and they will usually check the codes for free (except California) Post the codes here, the format will be P1234. Post the code here and we can help you figure out what is up. Check with friends and co workers for a reliable mechanic. Not all of them will rip you off, many are honest as that is the only way to stay in business for a long time. A 14 year old car could need $4k of work, I could see a new catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, water pump etc at this age.


Without knowing what repairs were done and why it is hard to say you were not treated fairly. Also always say that you want to approve any repair before it is done instead of just fix my car.

Along with the code numbers, upload the invoice from your mechanic.

The check engine light could be on due to an entirely different reason than to what repairs have already been made. We need more details about the current issue. What code or codes are turning on the light and what repairs were done previously? If the previous repairs weren’t done correctly then the mechanic that did the previous work needs to make things right without further billing to you.