2006 Ford Freestyle serpentine belt, air conditioning, and what the weekend plans were prior to this

The serpentine belt broke recently (clean break, 105k miles). With the help of a good friend, we replacedthe belt. With the new one on, the systems work except the air conditioning which when activated, shuts the car down entirely. So we can drive it, just no a/c. What would be causing the vehicle to do this, and what would need to be done to repair it?

What do you mean by “shuts the car down entirely” ?

Assuming this means the engine comes to an immediate stop (stalls), the problem is in the AC compressor. But that is just a guess…

The compressor is locked up.
Needs a/c repaired…compressor, orifice, accumulator, oil, and recharge.

Yup…you have a locked up compressor… Probably the reason for that first belt to give up the ghost. The A/C will turn on when the defrost is on…and with a locked compressor… thats a bad thing.

You need a new AC compressor… Pretty simple…not cheap…but pretty simple

I agree with a locked AC compressor. That’s what broke your belt in the first place.