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2006 Ford Freestar Torque Converter Frustration

Would really appreciate it if anyone could share more information about this situation for us. In March, while in heavy interstate traffic, the output shaft of the torque converter in our 2006 Ford Freestar suddenly went out. We had it towed to the nearest Ford dealership (we were 100 miles from home at the time), and they told us it the torque converter would have to be replaced. Upon research, we discovered that Ford was currently in the process of recalling the 2004 and 2005 Freestars for the same issue. The dealership called to tell us after over a week that they were unable to get the part for us because it was the same one being used for the recall vehicles, and all they could say was that, yes, it was the same part, but it wouldn’t be available until some time in the second calendar quarter. We ended up telling them to use an after-market part because we need our van. Our life as a family of five does not wait for Ford’s second calendar quarter. Now, my question is this–the more I research this, the more it seems to me that the 2006 Freestar should be included in this recall, as we have found numerous similar complaints from 2006 owners. Anyone know if a recall for the 2006 Freestar is in the works or how to proceed? I have tried to research this, and from what I can find, all the Freestars have the same transmission. We tried contacting Ford, and we received a cold response denying any need for action on their part. I think what just makes me so very mad is that the first time I called Ford about our situation, the automated message about the recall stated so reassuringly that this wasn’t a safety issue as the vehicle could be coasted to safety. Well, it didn’t feel so safe to us as we did our best just to get over on the shoulder, while the trucks came flying downhill right past us, and there we were unable to move, with 3 kids in the back seats. We ended up paying over $1,000 for the torque converter and have totally lost our confidence in Ford. Would greatly appreciate any feedback!

Oh, also, we did file a complaint with, and we weren’t the only ones by far.

This was surely a trying and annoying situation for you and your family, but you did the right thing by filing a complaint with the NHTSA. Take heart in the reality that, if Ford does extend the recall to later models of the Freestar, you can receive reimbursement for your repair costs–if you request it.

It is conceivable that it may take another year or even two years for the recall to be extended to your model year Freestar, but if it is extended, you can be compensated–even if you no longer own the vehicle at that point. Just be sure to retain all documentation at this point, for submission to Ford at a later date, and be sure to save copies of any documentation that you submit to Ford.